1. Introduction

This website and GHEDEX Hub and its brand are owned and operated by OITE Group (Oman International Trade & Exhibitions) (we/us). OITE Group is a registered company in the Sultanate of Oman and we follow the rules and regulations of our operating country.

GHEDEX Hub (hereinafter as ‘we’ or ‘GHEDEX Hub’ is committed to conducting its business in line with best personal data protection practices in connection with information that we collect through its dedicated Cloud and/or software platforms and applications (collectively our ‘Applications). The policy does not apply to information collected by any third party, including through any third-party application or content (including advertising) that links to or is accessible from our applications or websites.

This policy explains how we collect and use personal data from and about visitors to our website, event attendees, speakers, exhibitors, club members and sponsors and the press and media.

2. Data we collect, process and use

2.1 Our Website & Applications are flexible and we may collect data such as name, organisation, job title, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit or debit card number and other information including but not limited to activities, age, gender, education, profession, when organising exhibitions, conferences, b2b meetings, webcasts, networking events, face to face events, and virtual online events and other events as required.

2.2 In addition, we may collect details pertaining to professional profiles, including photos and information from social media profiles, social media posts as well as the names of contacts and may be visible to all other customers on the website or our applications social media handles and who’s section of the app. With in-app permission phone numbers and emails may also be visible to the contacts. We also collect audio recordings, typed message recordings which are not shared.

2.3 We may also collect any feedback or information that participants, speakers, and/or partners have volunteered to provide to us via questionnaires submitted prior to, during or after events.

2.4 We will use such data to organise and market such events, manage event participation, and present details about speakers and sponsors in the programs and/or promotional materials of such events, as well as on our website and via social media. We may share information on participants and speakers other than their contact details with our event partners, as listed on the event website, to prepare, improve, and organise the event, including the collection and review of event statistics, and to ensure that the event's content is relevant to and customised for the event audience. We and our service providers can make phone call, and email as required for marketing, sales, promotions, scheduling of meetings, reminders as required to maximize value of participation.

2.5 Some events may be recorded by means of photographs, and/or videos. Such photographs and video recordings may subsequently appear on the respective event website, other relevant website, on social media, in the press, or in promotional materials (such as event promotional videos or program guides).

2.6 If you request us to arrange additional event-related services for you, such as booking meetings, accommodation and/or flight tickets, we will also use your personal data to secure the requested arrangements.

2.7 We do not sell any personal data of our customers. However, for the purpose of running the event/improving our services, and providing the value of being a member with our app and event community, we will share your personal data with our contracted service providers including our hosting provider, email marketing platform provider, online survey provider, analytics providers, lead generation & B2B Matchmaking service providers

3. Security

3.1 We take precautions to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft and misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction through the use of appropriate technical and organisational measures. Certain areas of our websites may be password protected. If you are a user of our websites and have a password, you can help to preserve your privacy by ensuring that you do not share your password with anyone else.

3.2 We take steps to regularly validate the personal information we hold to ensure that the information is accurate and, where necessary, up to date. Information that is no longer required for any valid business purpose, and that we are not required to keep pursuant to any applicable law, will be routinely destroyed by secure means.

4. Changes to this Privacy Policy

4.1 We are constantly looking for new ways to improve this website and our apps and therefore, we may periodically modify the provisions of this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review it from time to time for the latest information on our privacy practices. In the event of significant changes, we may also choose to notify you via email should we have your email address in our records.

4.2 Updated versions of this Privacy Policy will be published on our website.

4.3 If you have any questions in relation to this policy, please send us an email on info@oite.com

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