Human Capital

The new reform of the labour law is aligned with the principles of Oman 2040 and is specifically tailored to address the needs of the labour market in the country.

Workplace dynamics have undergone significant transformation over the years. Companies, public authorities, and HR professionals deal with training and recruitment gaps.

The Human Capital Development Expo is a platform for ministries, authorities, and corporates to showcase their diverse forms towards Oman’s most valuable resource: its people.

Why Exhibit?

In alignment with Oman’s Vision 2040 and in compliance with the new labour law, the Human Capital Development Expo provides a dynamic platform for individuals and organizations to connect with high-level decision-makers and HR professionals.

This event is dedicated to facilitating knowledge-sharing and expertise exchange for advancing human capital resources through innovation and adaptation.

The Human Capital Development Expo is set to unite the HR community through a vibrant exhibition and content-rich workshop agenda.

What can you expect ...
from the event?



Forge valuable connections
with industry leaders,
decision-makers, and fellow
professionals, creating
opportunities for collaboration
and growth.



Showcase your products,
services, solutions as well as,
any internship or
employment opportunity to
a diverse audience, allowing
you to spotlight your
contributions to the field of
human capital development.

Workshops & Seminars

This area will be allocated for organizations to facilitate their workshops and seminars in HCD. The aim of these sessions is to introduce and train the visitors on major evolving human resource topics and how they can be achieved.

The available workshops and seminars encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration among professionals, which can lead to the development of best practices and innovative solutions in the field of human resources. It can also provide individuals in Oman with access to valuable skills and knowledge related to human resources, leadership, and professional development. This can help participants improve their employability and career prospects.

Our role as an organizer will be to provide a strategic venue to conduct these workshops and seminars, provide all the technical facilities needed as well as promote the area for visitors to attend.


Workshops & Seminars cover
the following topics:

... Future of Work

... Organisation Design & Change Management

... Rewards & Recognition

... Performance Management

... Remote working

... Strategic HR- How to understand your company’s business and the role HR can play in strategy

... Compensation and Benefits- proven tactics to make your compensation and benefits packages more competitive

... Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- building an engaged and inclusive workforce

... Workplace laws and regulations- increase your knowledge on the new Labour law and its implementation

... Global HR- Trends and best practices in the field of HR from around the world

... HR Department of One- challenges faced by solo practitioners of HR in companies

... HR technology and data analytics- how to apply the latest tech trends to enhance HR services

... Leadership and personal growth- Level up your skills

... Mental health and wellness- Actionable research and tips to apply in the workplace

... People and Talent Management- Balancing talent attraction, retention and development

... Recruitment and Talent acquisition- Top tools and strategies

... Supporting and developing leaders of tomorrow

... Learning and development-Learning future skills

... Revolutionising the modern workplace with AI

Click For Award Registration (Nomination Fee is Free For Applicant)

Nominations can be submitted by
companies both public and private

... The nomination should be submitted in English.

... The nomination forms for the awards should be filled online.

... The winners for each award will be decided as per the criteria of that award.

... Companies can nominate themselves for a maximum of 4 category of awards.

... The judging panel can cancel an award if the nominations do not match with the criteria and conditions.

... All the applications and documents related to the award nomination procedure will be handled confidentially.

... The judging panel can eliminate any nomination that does not meet the requirements and criteria for the award.

... The judging panel can eliminate any nomination that contains incorrect or inappropriate data or information.

The Judging Panel

... The Judging Panel consists of government, non-government, senior technology experts who are not related in a professional capacity with any of the participating companies or competitor.

... The Judging Panel will receive a comprehensive kit of the categories, evaluation criteria and grading guidelines.

... A Jury member will examine and grade each nomination document independently; and each document will be graded online by a minimum of 3 Jury members for each award category.

... The Research partner will tabulate and average the scores received from each Jury member and will be presented to the Validation partner for verification.

... Decision of the Judging Panel and the HE Awards committee will be final and irrevocable.

... No legal claim will be accepted by any of the Jury members, research partner, validation partner, HE Awards committee or the Organiser.

... The evaluation is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any of the participant.

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