1. Why should I visit GHEDEX?

Students: To know more about the universities, colleges, training institutes I am interested to study in.

Parents: To understand more about the requirements your child needs to study at a particular institute.

2. How / where can I register as a visitor?

You can register online to become our visitor at any time of the year. You will need to use your mobile device to complete registration through our application GHEDEX Hub. Which will allow you to receive all the updates shortly after submitting your application.

Ready to join us? To start registration please go to our app

  • Download App
  • OTP & Email Verification
  • Complete Your Profile
  • Voila! Your Are Ready To Go!

3. What is the minimum age to attend? (Entry Policy)

Individuals under the age of 18 may attend the events only if accompanied by adults and supervisors.

4. How much is it for registration? Are there entry fees?

Registration and entry to the exhibition is free of charge for visitors.

5. What are the GHEDEX categories / series?

  • Future Skills & Human Resource Development
  • Trainex
  • Schoolex
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship conference

6. How can I download a list of exhibitors in the agenda? (Schedule) Where can I find the participating exhibitors & their booth number?

You can find the list of participating companies when you register for the exhibition visiting the application.
Please visit our website and click floorplan: https://ghedex.om/floor-plan

7. What time I can come? What happens if I lost my entry time? (Duration of exhibition / hours of operations) What are GHEDEX visiting hours?

You can visit us anytime during the exhibition working hours.

8. Why do I need to download the application? How to download the Application?

You will have the opportunity to connect and grow your network with various educational institutions, and what programs they offer.

9. I have some suggestions/ Feedback regarding GHEDEX. Where can I send them?

We will appreciate you taking the time to give us your valuable suggestions in advance. Please do not hesitate to reach out @Jawaher with any further comments.

10. How to participate as a volunteer?

If you would like to make a positive impacts in our exhibition as volunteer, Please do not hesitate to reach out @Jawaher to find the eligibility of our criterias.

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